Check out my professional history to learn more about my experience and career milestones. Throughout the years, I’ve developed critical skills that have led me to partner with leading industry professionals and work on exceptional projects. For more information about my work or to discuss a collaboration, simply get in touch.


•Rizwan Asghar is working in our local industry as a video editor and visual production coordinator for 5 long years now after completing a bachelor's in Tv and Film Production.

•Apart from that my imagination skills, Rizwan has a keen eye in analyzing visual content in detail to create a flawless masterpiece. Rizwan is brave enough to accept my flaws and is curious about learning new things. For the past 9 years, Rizwan has been playing music which helps him in creating dynamic and attractive edits.


Asad Altaf is distinguished by his ability to identify, leverage, and develop talent. Throughout his career, he has helped clients, peers, and subordinates recognize their unique capabilities and position themselves as “A” players by addressing career strategy, leadership development, professional positioning, and visibility.
Previously,  Asad completed his bachelor's degree back in 2016 and has been working for 5 years in different positions to understand the complete creative pipeline in several large corporations around Pakistan.


•Rizwan Khalique is our Visual effects and post production head working as a VFX Artist since 5 years and has a great ability to convey ideas and concepts through 2D & 3D medium.  Always keen in learning new techniques to insure good quality work is achieved according to industry standard.

•Worked on some Hollywood movies and earned my name up on IMDB:  https://www.imdb.com/name/nm8385641/

•Past records with 3D commercials and designs, corporate and motion graphics videos with HBL, Interwood, Lucky One Mall, ENGRO, etc.